Cobra 8510 Immobiliser Fob Programming

August 9, 2016 ElectronicsKit CarMazda  No comments

I recently picked up a 1995 Maxda MX5 ready to strip down to use as the donor vehicle for an MEV Exocet kit car project I want to build.

The car only came with one key and one immobiliser fob and I didn’t want to risk losing the only one so I decided to look into getting an additional fob.

Initially it was looking like I would need a PIN number or take it to a specialist to get a new fob provided and coded to the car but after a short while I found some instructions online to do this yourself.

All you need is a working fob (which I had) and a new fob, which I managed to find for £15.00 on ebay. Then it is a case of following the instructions:

– Disable the immobiliser with your current, working fob.
– Switch your ignition on and off three times and then back on within seven seconds
– TheRead More

Peugeot 407 Service Indicator

January 28, 2016 Peugeot  No comments

If you are like me and carry out your own servicing on your Peugeot then you will want to know how to turn off the annoying spanner service indicator after you have done the service work. It’s actually quite easy to do, just follow these simple steps

1. Turn off your the ignition, but leave the key in.
2. Press and hold the trip recorder re-set button.
3 Turn on your ignition.

The display will now start to show a countdown, when the counter shows “= 0” and the service spanner indicator disappears you can release the button.

When you start the car your service message should have now reset and start its mileage countdown once again.

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Ford Focus Rear Shock Absorber Replacement

July 4, 2013 Ford  No comments

Our 2002 year Ford Focus 1.8 diesel recently had its year check up (dreaded MOT) and failed quite badly on a number of suspension components including a ‘Serious fluid leak from the nearside rear shock absorber’! Usually I would try to take on all of these fixes myself over the space of a weekend and arrange a retest the following week but this time I am due to be working away and would not be able to get the retest done in time so I had to compromise and do a few of the easier (and quicker) fixes myself one evening after work and then get the garage to do the rest. In this case the stock of the local motor factors dictated that I would be doing the rear shock absorber. As with brakes, it is always recommended that you replace these in pairs on the axle that you are working on so thatRead More

Prepare for enlightenment…

January 31, 2013 News  No comments

I’ve had two packages arrive on my desk today, these are both parts of something I’ve wanted to change on our Passat for a long time so it looks like we will have a busy but productive weekend and should hopefully have a new article up for you all to see early next week.

Mystery packages Jan 2013

Mystery packages Jan 2013

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Time for a change . . . of Oil

January 28, 2013 News  No comments

Well its been 8000 miles since we did a quick service to our oil burning workhorse and the main service light has come so we thought it was time to get another change done. As usual we have had a look around for any deals on the oil and were very surprised to find that for our VW Passat the best deal for us was actually the local VW Dealer!

Halfords PD rated oil

5 litre full oil change – £40.99
2 litre topup – £20.99

Local VW Dealer, Quantum Platinum Oil

5 litre full oil change – £32
1 litre topup – £6

Always shows that its best to shop around and sometimes your local dealer can offer the best price for parts.

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Ford Focus Brake Warning Light

October 11, 2012 Ford  No comments

Focus – Brake Warning Light

Every so often we get a warning light coming up on the dashboard, it usually starts off intermittently and appears to flicker to begin with but does come on more permanently.

This usually indicates that your brake fluid level is low, we topped ours up with the relevant DOT rated fluid (check your manual to make sure you get the right fluid which will cost approx. £5 for a litre) and that stopped the light coming on.

Obvioulsy if the fluid level has gone down there is usually a reason for this and its probably time to check the following for wear:

  •     Front Brake discs and pads
  •     Rear shoes and pads (or Discs if your model has it fitted)
  •     Front brake calipers for any fluid leaking
  •     Rear calipers or slave cylinders for any leaking fluid
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Ford Focus 1.8 Petrol Leaking Thermostat Housing

October 11, 2012 Ford  No comments

We have a 2000 year Ford Focus 1.8 petrol which has been a great car over the years and has reliably been through the family a number of times. It had recently started losing a bit of coolant so it was brought round to mine so that we could take a look and work out where it was going, it wasn’t too hard to find the culprit! After a few seconds of opening the bonnet we could see that it was the thermostat housing on the side of the engine that was appearing to let the coolant escape!

Tools/Parts required:

  •     Assortment of pliers for removing pipe clips
  •     10mm socket and handle
  •     T25 Bit (?? for removing the main pipe adapter)

Ford Focus Thermostat Housing

It turns out that there is a common problem with the older thermostat housings, as they are made from plastic they have a tendency over time to breakRead More

VW Passat Gear Gaiter Replacement

October 5, 2012 VW  No comments

On our 2002 Passat estate the gear stick gaitor was starting to look a bit tired and worn so we decided to replace it, a job we have done a number of our previous cars and not had much difficulty, and to be honest the Passat is no different, for a competent DIYer this is pretty straight forward job.


  •     Flat blade screwdrivers
  •     Ear Clip crimp tool or new jubilee clip
  •     Powerful stapler or contact adhesive

VW Passat Old Leather Gear Stick Gaiter

The gaitor is attached at the bottom to plastic frame which has 2 clips at both the front and rear to hold it in place. We started by pushing the rear of the plastic frame (covered by the gaitor) forward and prising it upwards at the same time, with a bit of brute force this unclipped and allowed us to loft the whole plastic frame and gaitor upwards to reveal theRead More