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Cobra 8510 Immobiliser Fob Programming

August 9, 2016 ElectronicsKit CarMazda  No comments

I recently picked up a 1995 Maxda MX5 ready to strip down to use as the donor vehicle for an MEV Exocet kit car project I want to build.

The car only came with one key and one immobiliser fob and I didn’t want to risk losing the only one so I decided to look into getting an additional fob.

Initially it was looking like I would need a PIN number or take it to a specialist to get a new fob provided and coded to the car but after a short while I found some instructions online to do this yourself.

All you need is a working fob (which I had) and a new fob, which I managed to find for £15.00 on ebay. Then it is a case of following the instructions:

– Disable the immobiliser with your current, working fob.
– Switch your ignition on and off three times and then back on within seven seconds
– TheRead More