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Prepare for enlightenment…

January 31, 2013 News  No comments

I’ve had two packages arrive on my desk today, these are both parts of something I’ve wanted to change on our Passat for a long time so it looks like we will have a busy but productive weekend and should hopefully have a new article up for you all to see early next week.

Mystery packages Jan 2013

Mystery packages Jan 2013

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Time for a change . . . of Oil

January 28, 2013 News  No comments

Well its been 8000 miles since we did a quick service to our oil burning workhorse and the main service light has come so we thought it was time to get another change done. As usual we have had a look around for any deals on the oil and were very surprised to find that for our VW Passat the best deal for us was actually the local VW Dealer!

Halfords PD rated oil

5 litre full oil change – £40.99
2 litre topup – £20.99

Local VW Dealer, Quantum Platinum Oil

5 litre full oil change – £32
1 litre topup – £6

Always shows that its best to shop around and sometimes your local dealer can offer the best price for parts.

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