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Ford Focus 1.8 Petrol Leaking Thermostat Housing

October 11, 2012 Ford  No comments

We have a 2000 year Ford Focus 1.8 petrol which has been a great car over the years and has reliably been through the family a number of times. It had recently started losing a bit of coolant so it was brought round to mine so that we could take a look and work out where it was going, it wasn’t too hard to find the culprit! After a few seconds of opening the bonnet we could see that it was the thermostat housing on the side of the engine that was appearing to let the coolant escape!

Tools/Parts required:

  •     Assortment of pliers for removing pipe clips
  •     10mm socket and handle
  •     T25 Bit (?? for removing the main pipe adapter)

Ford Focus Thermostat Housing

It turns out that there is a common problem with the older thermostat housings, as they are made from plastic they have a tendency over time to breakRead More