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Peugeot 407 Service Indicator

January 28, 2016 Peugeot  No comments

If you are like me and carry out your own servicing on your Peugeot then you will want to know how to turn off the annoying spanner service indicator after you have done the service work. It’s actually quite easy to do, just follow these simple steps

1. Turn off your the ignition, but leave the key in.
2. Press and hold the trip recorder re-set button.
3 Turn on your ignition.

The display will now start to show a countdown, when the counter shows “= 0” and the service spanner indicator disappears you can release the button.

When you start the car your service message should have now reset and start its mileage countdown once again.

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Ford Focus Brake Warning Light

October 11, 2012 Ford  No comments

Focus – Brake Warning Light

Every so often we get a warning light coming up on the dashboard, it usually starts off intermittently and appears to flicker to begin with but does come on more permanently.

This usually indicates that your brake fluid level is low, we topped ours up with the relevant DOT rated fluid (check your manual to make sure you get the right fluid which will cost approx. £5 for a litre) and that stopped the light coming on.

Obvioulsy if the fluid level has gone down there is usually a reason for this and its probably time to check the following for wear:

  •     Front Brake discs and pads
  •     Rear shoes and pads (or Discs if your model has it fitted)
  •     Front brake calipers for any fluid leaking
  •     Rear calipers or slave cylinders for any leaking fluid
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