VW Passat Gear Gaiter Replacement

October 5, 2012 VW  No comments

On our 2002 Passat estate the gear stick gaitor was starting to look a bit tired and worn so we decided to replace it, a job we have done a number of our previous cars and not had much difficulty, and to be honest the Passat is no different, for a competent DIYer this is pretty straight forward job.


  •     Flat blade screwdrivers
  •     Ear Clip crimp tool or new jubilee clip
  •     Powerful stapler or contact adhesive

VW Passat Old Leather Gear Stick Gaiter

The gaitor is attached at the bottom to plastic frame which has 2 clips at both the front and rear to hold it in place. We started by pushing the rear of the plastic frame (covered by the gaitor) forward and prising it upwards at the same time, with a bit of brute force this unclipped and allowed us to loft the whole plastic frame and gaitor upwards to reveal the ‘ear lug’ clip that holds the gear knob firmly in place.

VW Passat Gear Stick Gaiter Underside

As we didn’t have the right tool we made do with a small flat blade screwdriver to gently prise the ear lug open enough for it to slide off the gear knob and alloy us to lift the gear know off the gear stick.

Once its off the gear stick you will find it easy to take the assembly apart and remove all the staples before re-assembling with the new leather gaitor, ours was quite thick making it a bit more of a struggle to get back together but we got there with perseverance.

We broke our ‘office’ stapler trying to staple the leather to the plastic so the good old upholstery contact adhesive was used to fix the edge of our gaitor to the plastic frame, hopefully we wont have the need to replace ours again for sometime!

VW Passat Gear Stick Gaiter Gearknob Clip

Putting it all back in the car is straight forward, as the saying goes ‘reverse of removal’, in our case we didn’t have the crimp tool to be able to re-use the original clip so we used a new jubilee clip that we had in our collection of parts in the garage.

VW Passat Gear Stick New Leather Gaiter

The final result is a definite improvement and makes the car look tidyer.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is to be followed at your own risk, Car-WorX.com takes no responsibility for your own personal experiences be smart, be safe and have fun!

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